International School Camps


International Tours- Benefits


Increased Independence
Students become comfortable being away from home for an extended period and learn to adapt, succeed and cooperate in different environments and diverse populations. 

Newfound confidence
After standing inside the Colosseum, walking along China’s Great Wall or simply ordering lunch in the local language, students can’t help but see new possibility in the world, in their abilities and in their future. In addition to gaining greater cultural sensitivity and an international perspective on their studies, students return home feeling more confident and independent—qualities that stay with them throughout their academic, professional and personal lives.


Higher grades
When students travel with Pugmarks, they’re not just learning about other places, cultures and languages, they’re living it. These hands-on experiences allow students to truly connect with their studies in new ways. Pugmarks tours pique students’ intellectual curiosity, translating into increased academic success upon their return.


Friendships that last a lifetime
Students who travel With Pugmarks tour develop lasting friendships with fellow travelers. Whether they’ve been friends for years or meet on the tour bus, friends who share in the life-changing experience of traveling abroad make special connections that often endure into adulthood.



International Destinations options


v  Spain

v  Srilanka- Rmayana Trail

v  Kenya

v  Nepal

v  Bhutan

v  Thailand


v  London

v  France