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About Pugmarks

Pugmarks was founded 21 years ago in Pune by 3 passionate conservationists including an IITian and a naturalist working for WWF.

Our core mission is “To sensitise the youth to the joy of the outdoors and nature conservation while enhancing their personal development”. 

Each year thousands of youngsters camp with us in their vacations at amazing places like Manali, Andamans, Kanha, Dandeli and more. 

Pugmarks is led by a dynamic team which has over 20 years of experience in adventure travel and ecotourism. Pugmarks has won many awards over the years, most notably the National Award from ATOAI for excellence in "Community-based adventure"

About Dandeli River Adventures

Program Overview
  • Highlights

    Part of the Western Ghats –a UNESCO World Heritage Site, brimming with wildlife. Night safaris, jungle trails, kayaking, Natural Jacuzzi and Rafting (chargeable)

  • Type
    The Explorers
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  • Day 1
    Mumbai campers to report at LTT at 1730 hrs. Board (17318) LTT Hubli Exp. at 1845 hrs. Pune campers to report at the main porch of Pune Railway station at 2200 hrs. Board (17318) LTT Hubli Exp. at 2305 hrs.
  • Day 2
    Reach Londa at 0840 hrs. Get transferred to Dandeli. Settle down. Orientation and briefing. Games and activities in the evening. Jungle safari in the evening.
  • Day 3
    This camp is a unique combination of trekking, adventure, and wildlife.
    Adventure: Rafting on the Kali River. (Chargeable)
    Kayaking, coracle ride, natural Jacuzzi and archery
    Identify birds by listening to their calls and songs Go for a thrilling evening trek in the forest in search of nocturnal life
  • Day 4
    Late wakeup, breakfast and learn essential camping skills. Post lunch head out for camping setup and cook your own meal! Participate in Night Tag Hunt activity. Bonfire along with Night Stay in the forest.
  • Day 5
    Early wakeup and windup. Head back to resort and have breakfast. Depart from the resort after lunch. Reach Londa station to the board (17317) Hubli LTT Exp. at 1730 hrs.
  • Day 6
    Arrive at Pune Railway station at 0250 hrs. Mumbai LTT by 0715 hrs.

Possible action: Campers have a chance of enjoying a lot of water-based activities like Rafting, Kayaking, Coracle ride, Zorbing and Natural Jacuzzi. We also have a number of trails and treks in the forests of Dandeli. Campers also get the thrill of a night safari in the jungle.

In addition to these, we have activities like archery and other games.  

Geography: Dandeli is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is a part of the Western Ghats and has a dense tropical forested area.  

Distance: Dandeli is at an approximate distance of 37 Km from Londa, Karnataka.  

Brief itinerary flow:  Campers reach the campsite late at night and have a late wake up the next day before heading on to an introductory trail in the forest and enjoying games and activities in the evening. Rafting and kayaking (both chargeable) are also scheduled on this day. The next two days will be spent in nature trails, water activities, visit the Syntheri rocks and a night safari.      

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