Refund Policy

Refund Policy


·          You may submit a “Request for cancellation and refund: in the Cancellation Form, duly signed by the camper/guardian.

·          Cancellation form is available on the website.

·          Unfortunately, we would not be able to accept Verbal communication in this regard.

·          Refund will be paid by cheque / Bank transfer (not cash) within 30 days of camp conclusion. Refund will be paid by cheque / Bank transfer (not cash) within 30 days of camp conclusion

·          For cancellation of Air tickets, rules of the airline will apply and rest of the charges as per policy below. 

·          Cancellation charges will be applicable as follows and will cover all situations such as injuries, sickness, exams, interviews, selection in tournaments etc.

Summer 2022

Cancel anytime upto 121 hours prior to departure with a nominal deduction as follows:

Camp Category

Local Camps

Outstation Camps

Special Interest Camps

Deductible per person.

Rs 500

Rs. 1500

Rs. 2000

Camps with Airfare inclusive

Not applicable

Rs. 1500 + Rs. 3,500/- per sector

Rs. 2000 + Rs.3,500/- per sector

Camps with Train fare inclusive

Not applicable

Rs. 1500 + Rs. 500/- per sector

Rs. 2000 + Rs. 500/- per sector

Balance after deduction:

By NEFT to your account

Customer Subscriptions Credit Account (CSC: a cheaper alternative to cancellation)

  • Instead of outright cancellation, you can opt for transfer of fees to CSC account. Surrender the camp receipt and receive a credit note in return.
  • The credit note can be utilized within two years to book a camp and is transferable. It cannot be encashed.
  • Air and Rail tickets, Tourism packages cannot be transferred to CSC account. They will be treated as per the policy of the concerned organization.
  •  Transfer charges for Customer Subscriptions Credit (CSC) account.

a.       Upto 2 days prior to departure – No Cancellation Charges.

b.      Less than 2 days, no transfer possible.  

Flight tickets booking and cancellation policy

1.       Tickets will only be booked once the photo ID is shared and the payment is reflected into our accounts

2.       Cancellation fee is Rs. 3,500/- per sector

3.       Carrying the original Photo ID is mandatory while travelling

In case where flight tickets are not included in camp cost

1.       If the flight ticket is booked separately, Airfare will be shared with you by our representative and because the Airfare is dynamic in nature, if there are any changes in the fare before the ticket is booked, difference amount will have to be paid

2.       In case of cancellation, Refund will be made via online banking / UPI within 15 working days