About Pugmarks

Pugmarks was founded 21 years ago in Pune by 3 passionate conservationists including an IITian and a naturalist working for WWF.

Our core mission is “To sensitise the youth to the joy of the outdoors and nature conservation while enhancing their personal development”. 

Each year thousands of youngsters camp with us in their vacations at amazing places like Manali, Andamans, Kanha, Dandeli and more. 

Pugmarks is led by a dynamic team which has over 20 years of experience in adventure travel and ecotourism. Pugmarks has won many awards over the years, most notably the National Award from ATOAI for excellence in "Community-based adventure"


Program Overview
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  • Day 1
    Mumbai campers to report at Mumbai Airport at 1200 hours. Pune campers to report at Pune Airport at 0700 hours. Board respective flights and arrival at Madurai at 1600 hours. Transfer to the Palkbay, Rameswaram. Welcome, and orientation followed by a night walk to the beach.
  • Day 2 & 3
    The Palkbay
    The Palkbay is located near the picturesque town of Rameswaram on the east coast of India in the state of Tamil Nadu. What's unique about the Palkbay region is the awesome visibility & calm waters.

    ● Morning Walks: Explore the local beach life and engage in community interactions
    ● Kayaking course - learn the basics of kayaking - manoeuvrability, safety, self-rescues and explore coastal waters with your instructor.
    ● Explore the marine biodiversity and snorkel on your kayak trip.
    ● Learn camp craft & survival skills
    ● Participate in a 5km kayaking coastal trip
    ● Cook a meal on woodfire in the outdoors
  • Day 4
    Discover SUP program
    Village Walks, Treasure Hunt and relaxing activities by the Pugmarks team Rest of the day to spend on the beach to relax and unwind
    *Optional to sign up for additional watersports.
  • Day 5
    Post breakfast transfer to Madurai Airport
    Explore Rameswaram (Iconic Pamban Bridge, Ghost Town of Dhanushkodi) on the way to the airport. Board respective flights to Pune/Mumbai and arrival at 1700 hours.
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