About Pugmarks

Pugmarks was founded 21 years ago in Pune by 3 passionate conservationists including an IITian and a naturalist working for WWF.

Our core mission is “To sensitise the youth to the joy of the outdoors and nature conservation while enhancing their personal development”. 

Each year thousands of youngsters camp with us in their vacations at amazing places like Manali, Andamans, Kanha, Dandeli and more. 

Pugmarks is led by a dynamic team which has over 20 years of experience in adventure travel and ecotourism. Pugmarks has won many awards over the years, most notably the National Award from ATOAI for excellence in "Community-based adventure"


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    Morning flight to Delhi from Mumbai/Pune. Transfer to Delhi Railway station to board (25035) RMR Link Exp @1600 hrs. Reach Ramnagar at 2040 hrs .Transfer to campsite. Dinner, Room allocation.
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    Orientation walks in the forests surrounding the camp. Juice break at the historical British canal followed by a quick bats survey. Enjoy body surfing in the same canal after the survey.
    Visit to Kyari village for Community interaction to find out farming facts, challenges and discuss the possible solutions in the evening. A team of our Jr. Jungle Rangers head out for the first night of crop guarding on the Machans!
  • 3
    Our Jungle Detective Program begins today!
    Wild River Hike, Pugmarks study, Bird watching and PoP castings…Enjoy a river side forest lunch & trek back to the campsite. Post lunch indulge in rope based Adventure activities like Laddering, River Crossing and Mountain Biking to spice up the day. Wildlife documentary show in the evening. Machan Stay for 2nd Batch of Jr Jungle Rangers.
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    Jungle Detective Program continues – The group is divided into two
    Wildlife Safari to the deep forest area. Track Deers, Elephants and if lucky, the majestic Big Cats! Post dinner our last batch of Jr.Jungle Rangers participate in crop guarding
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    Final day of Jungle Detective Program!
    Community Service Project-
    A farm fencing project to keep animals at bay without hurting them to be undertaken by all participants. Now they know the challenges of farming near the forest!!
    Afternoon Safari to increase opportunities of observing wild flora & fauna. Campfire dinner followed by traditional Kumaoni songs and dances…
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    Post early breakfast at the Camp, board the RMR DLI Link Exp (25036) at 0950 hrs. Lunch at Delhi. Transfer to Delhi Airport. Fly back to Mumbai/Pune.
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