Volunteers 2019-20


The Instructor Training Program is a legacy program in its 21st year. The program is a dynamic process that covers all topics essential to be an instructor in the great outdoors. This is all about gaining knowledge in diverse fields of wildlife, adventure and travel. We provide you with a platform and training to polish your social and communication skills, boost your confidence levels and invoke the leader in you.

Imagine a career that takes you in the clouds, under the sea, on the cliffs, on a fast-flowing river or even protecting untamed wilderness… And then to top it, get paid for this life in the fast-growing eco-tourism industry!!! Pugmarks invite young girls and boys like you – seeking more out of your lives. You could take this career path, or pursue this as a passion parallel to your career. However, this isn’t the best place if you’re hunting for a mere conventional desk job…



  1. To mould participants into capable Outdoor Tour Leaders in the field of Adventure and Wildlife.

  2. To build skills, abilities and adequate exposure to the ever-evolving Travel Industry.


Over 1000 Instructors certified, many of whom have gone on to become leading members of their professional communities ranging from Outdoor Experts, Adventure Managers, Conservation Scientists, Naturalists, Outdoor Educators and so on.  


  1. Learn from and interact with Industry Experts

  2. An Insightful look into the world of Adventure and Wildlife Tourism 

  3. Join “THE TEAM” at Pugmarks and lead future Camps and Tours, some of our popular destinations are Manali, Tadoba, Dandeli, Dharamshala, Lakshadweep, Kanha, Sri Lanka and Spain.