Volunteers 2019-20

Imagine a career that takes you in the clouds, under the sea, on the cliffs, on a fast flowing river or even protecting untamed wilderness… And then to top it, get paid for this life in the fast-growing eco-tourism industry!!! Pugmarks invite young girls and boys like you – seeking more out of your lives. You could take this career path, or pursue this as a passion parallel to your career. However, this isn’t the best place if you’re hunting for a mere conventional desk job…

The training program is a dynamic process that covers all topics essential to be an instructor in the great outdoors. This is all about gaining knowledge in diverse fields of wildlife, adventure and traveling. We provide you with a platform and training to polish your social and communication skills, boost your confidence levels and invoke the leader in you.

The course will begin in July 2019 and will continue till January 2020. The sessions, conducted on weekends will either be classroom or outdoor sessions at our various campsites in Maharashtra.

The training program covers a wide range of subjects, from first aid to the environment and team building to star gazing. It is hands-on practical training under the guidance of experts in various fields. Successful candidates not only receive Pugmarks certification but also get a Bronze level award from IAYP – Duke of Edinburgh.

The first aid session scheduled in the programme is another certificate course you will undertake. Pass in the test of this course and you will proudly hold an international certificate as a first aider. Not only is this basic medical knowledge absolutely vital as a Pugmarks instructor, it will also prove to be beneficial in your personal life.

Don’t let the glamour of this deceive you though- it is a tough life for volunteers. They are required to work hard and put in substantial hours in addition to normal obligations of their colleges. But we’ll make sure that the rewards pay off all that you’ve put in. The joy of traveling to new locations, meeting new people and shouldering all your responsibilities with excellence is unparalleled.

What is it that sets these youngsters at Pugmarks apart from rest of the crowd?

We, at Pugmarks, believe that our volunteer training program makes all the difference. Sure enough, talent resides in everyone, but it is dormant. Pugmarks provide the first opportunity for the natural talent to surface and bloom. Pugmarks discover in you the natural leaders, naturalists, team builders, adventurers. It is great to discover yourself – give it a try. It could change your life.  

Salient features of Certificate Course in Volunteer Training

The training program covers a wide range of subjects, from first aid to the environment and team building to star gazing. It is hands-on practical training under the guidance of experts in various fields.

Eligibility: Enthusiasm and the ability to work hard are a must. Students (age 14 – 25 years), Teachers, freelancers and housewives are welcome (w/o IAYP certification).
Time: Classroom sessions – on Sundays as per schedule. 0830 to 1230 hrs.
Place : Pune: Dhondumama Sathe Hall Auditorium, Karve road.    Tel: 91-20-66499999
Mumbai: Dadar Office.   Tel: 91-22-24445938 or 07773948620
Instructions: English (support in Hindi/Marathi)
Course Fees: Rs. 20,500/- for the course (non-refundable), payable fully at the time of admission.
With ‘Bronze Level Award’ of IAYP (Duke of Edinburgh)
Includes four full-day excursions.
Excludes overnight outings and cost of the Project (elective).
Payment: Pay in favour of Wildventures at any Pugmarks office.
No of seats: 50 only for Pune, 25 for Mumbai, on first come first served basis.
Duration: 13th July 2019 to 31st January 2020. Normally 2/3 Sundays per month.
Last day for Enrollment: 30th June 2019
Opportunities after training:
  • Work as instructor/volunteer with Pugmarks. Rewards include concessions / free camping to attractive remuneration depending on merit.
  • Many senior volunteers earn over Rs. 15,000/- during a camping season.
  • Free camps worth 10,000 to 25,000 in the first year of volunteering possible. Recover your investment in one year.
  • A full-time career with Pugmarks for deserving candidate. You can earn a good salary while working in an area of your passion.
  • Career opportunities as the naturalist, camp counselors, resource persons, corporate trainer. (Advanced training essential) The training program is highly effective in self-development. Even if a candidate does not pursue a career, time and money spent on the program are really worthwhile.

Admission procedure

  1. Fill in the application form and mail it to Pugmarks. Click to download Volunteer Training Programme – Enrolment Form.
  2. Make full payment in Pugmarks office by cash or by local cheque in the name of “Wildventures”
    Alternately deposit payment in Axis bank as specified in payment clause.
    Note:- Pugmarks reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone without giving a reason. Pugmarks have the right to terminate the training of a person guilty of indecent/unethical behavior.
Description Workplace
First Aid, Care and Safety, Emergencies Classroom
Personality Development – Leadership and Team building Mandatory Field Trip
Communication, Public speaking, Presentations Classroom
Managing a Camp – Pre-planning, Execution and Reporting Classroom
Conducting games and Activities, Star Gazing, Quiz Mandatory Field Trip
Geography and General Knowledge Classroom / Mandatory Field Trip
Nature trails, Jungle Reading, Basic Birding, Wildlife Tracking Mandatory Field trip
Basics of Trekking, Rappelling, Knots and Safety Procedures Mandatory Field Trip
Environmental Issues Classroom


Overnight training camps: These will be announced from time to time to reinforce basic learning. These will be on payment basis but subsidized. There will also be opportunities for on-field training through volunteering for weekend/school outings. Please note that the cost associated with the project (including outstation expenses) are not covered by the course fees and the volunteers will have to bear the same.

Faculty: The faculty will be a mix of professionals plus experts from Pugmarks. Emphasis will be on practice rather than theory.

Certificate: Candidates who successfully complete the course and the IAYP project will be awarded certificates. Such certificate holders will be eligible for Advance Volunteer Training and can attend the camps in the capacity of volunteers.

Skills development

  • Instilling social responsibility & helping Volunteers to give back to society
  • Developing personality & creating youth leaders – helping children grow into responsible youth, instilling confidence to take up challenges
  • Ensure safety on camps, managing activities, meeting emergencies & imparting knowledge
  • Creating an opportunity for higher education/careers

Pugmarks Volunteer Training – Basic Certificate Course With ‘Bronze Level Certification’ of IAYP (Duke of Edinburgh)

The IAYP Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1956 as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The aim was to motivate young people aged between 14 and 25 years to become involved in a balanced programme of voluntary self-development activities. The Award’s concept is one of an individual challenge, giving young people a balanced, non-competitive programme of voluntary activities which encourage personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community.

Volunteers will have to complete the requirements of each of the 4 different sections to get Bronze certification from IAYP: