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Wildlife camps


India being one of the world's most biodiverse countries wildlife opportunities are plentiful. Pugmarks offers an enriching spectrum of wild escapades, each more unique and exciting the other. From the Snow Leopards of Ladakh to the Blue Whales of the Indian Ocean.. From the Birds in the air to the Trees on the ground, we have explored all. Our inherent bond with Nature and it's intricate nuances help our campers understand forests and in turn make them fall in love with this green world. 


We at Pugmarks are an active community of the wildlife conservation movement in India and abroad. Most of our Tour Leaders and Instructors are working as Wildlife Biologists, Researchers, Naturalists and so on. This helps in an enhanced experience for all who travel with us.. 

Come with us on a guided tour to explore, learn, inspire.. and most importantly to have a fun-filled experience. 


Wildlife camp options

1.      Tadoba
Heart and soul of the Central Indian Forests, This semi-deciduous forest is brimming with animal and bird life. A pioneer of India’s new eco tourism practices and one of the go to places for wildlife enthusiasts.


2.      Ranthambhore
Royalty is what comes to mind when thinking of this majestic forest from Rajasthan. One of the best places to photograph the Tiger, it’s ancient forts, undulating mountain terrain and huge lakes make it a must see location in the world.

3.      Dandeli
A jewel of the Western Ghats, this forest offers a wide scope of activities for enthusiasts. Rafting on the rapids of River Kali to Waking up to calls of Hornbills.. Dandeli has it all. Amazing birdlife and if truly lucky then a sighting of the rare Black Panther!


4.      Corbett
India’s very first National Park and it’s still going strong! Elephants, Tigers, Leopards and countless birds! This Terai forest is one of the unique landscapes one can be in. Feel colonial history, conservation and nature come together like never before..


5.      Kanha
One of the most famous forests of India, Kanha offers beautiful grasslands and Sal forests habitat coupled with amazing animal sightings. Tigers, Leopards, Bears.. you name it! Kanha is otherwise famous for being the only place where you will find the Hard ground Barasinghas in this world!


6.      Rann of Kutch (October to Feb first week)
Wildlife and Culture come together at this mesmerizing scrubland. One of the best places in India to observe migratory birds and to experience wildlife like never before.


7.      Gir
The only place in this world to see the Asiatic Lion. Experience the thrilling ride at Gir alongside Lions, Leopards and a local tradition which will leave you wanting for more!


8.      Pench
The forest that inspired Rudiyard Kipling to write “The Jungle Book” is a sight to behold. Vast grasslands, huge lakes and some of the best wildlife from the country. A haven for Big cats, wild dogs and wolves, Pench is a living embodiment of Mother Nature’s theatre…


9.      Bandhavgarh
Another forest from Central India which is brimming with wildlife. Bandhavgarh is an all time hit amongst nature lovers thanks to it’s presence being right alongside the Vindhya Hills. One of the best wild tiger densities in India.


10.  Sundarbans
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sundarbans offers a unique take on wildlife viewing in the country as one explores the forest on houseboats. This mangrove forest is home to the Tiger, Crocodiles and some of the rarest animals on the planet- The Fishing Cat and Leopard Cat. The Sundarban experience will be a life changing experience!


11.  Satpura and Pachmari
A hidden jewel of Central India, Satpura Tiger Reserve is an extremely rare example of true contemporary wilderness. Recognised as one of India’s best managed places, an exploratory tour through the forest is nothing short of enchanting. A paradise for birds and butterflies, the forest also is home to numerous bears and big cats. 


12.  Keoladeo WLS and Ranthambhore (only Keoladeo is possible)
Keoladeo is a birding hotspot. One of the most exciting places to see migratory birds in India. The Sarus Crane is the prime attraction at this wildlife retreat. Jackals, Wolves, Leopards and Rajasthani Culture awaits you at Keoladeo.


13.  Munnar experience (Eravikulam NP and Chinnar WLS)
Munnar is famous for it’s tea and spices, for it’s delicious food and cool climate but very few know about the hidden wildlife havens in and around Munnar! Part of the Western Ghats gives it a distinctive forest environment and one can see the Shola Grasslands at Eravikulam. Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, birds, butterflies, frogs and snakes… need we say more?