Prepare yourself for the best professions on the planet…

  • Imagine a career that takes you in the clouds, under the sea, on the cliffs, on a fast-flowing river or in a wilderness
  • Take this as a career path, or pursue this as a passion parallel to your career.
  • A dynamic training program that covers all topics essential to be an instructor in the great outdoors
  • Gain knowledge in diverse fields of wildlife, adventure and travelling
  • An ideal platform and training to polish your social and communication skills
  • Boost your confidence levels and invoke the leader in you
  • Various sessions, conducted on weekends, either classroom or outdoor sessions at our various places/campsites
  • Hands on practical training under the guidance of experts in various fields
  • Successful candidates receive Pugmarks certification, and also an opportunity to go on Pugmarks Trips/ Camps as an Instructor
  • First Aid Certification Course 

Do you like Adventure? Do you like Wildlife? Do you like Camping?

Well! We are looking for Volunteers to go Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping and to get on to our Himalayan Treks!

Join our Volunteer Training Program (VTP).

Online Module Batch : Starts Auhust 14, 2022. Comprises 20 sessions conducted by the Top experts in Adventure, Wildlife and Camping

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Field Module: Starts Either from December 24, 2022. 8 Days 7 Nights of exhilarating camping at one of the most beautiful locations in India.

Get hands-on experience and apply all that you have learned in the online module

Survival Outing and Basic First Aid Training will be from 26th to 29th Jan 2023

Sign up now if you want the Combo Discount or later if you want more time!

All successful candidates will be eligible to go as Trainee Volunteers on Pugmarks Summer Camps

Become a part of the best Outdoor Social Network for young people in India. Become a part of this amazing community of 1000+ volunteers!

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