Pugmarks Local Summer Camps 2024 – Overview

Pugmarks Local Summer Camps 2024 – Overview Dear Parents, It gives us great pleasure to announce Summer Camps for the Year 2024. At Pugmarks, we give a lot of importance to how we plan our departures to suit different age groups, interests and encourage children to experience the outdoors while providing a playful environment. All […]


SURVIVAL TREK- REPORT The Adventurous Journey on 14th, 15th, and 16th February was indeed a challenging but enjoyable experience. Completing it successfully left me feeling more confident about myself, and took me a step closer to achieving my goal of becoming one of the best puggy volunteers. We were an excited group of twelve youngsters- […]

Parents Feedback of Summer 2022

Dear Parents    Pugmarks has been organizing Summer Camps for young people since 1999. Over the years we have grown by focusing on the feedback received from the campers and their parents and making necessary changes in our programs.    Initially we collected the feedback by means of printed paper forms. At the end of each season, our Pune and Mumbai offices used to have stacks of the filled up forms. As soon as the season ended we would pore over them and make notes for the next season.   Since 2020 we […]

Pugmarks Camp Categories

For the convenience of our fellow adventurers, we have divided our camps into 3 basic categories. The segregation is done based on the activities of each camp. While in some camps the physical activities might not be very intense and you would get more leisure time, the others might be a bit more focussed on […]