Why you should book your air tickets with us!

Dear Parents,Although you are free to book your own air or train tickets for our camps which areexclusive of airfare, we recommend that you book your air tickets through Pugmarks. Hereare all the benefits which you get when you book the tickets through us. Meet and greet outside the Airport Web check in is done […]

Parents Feedback of Summer 2022

Dear Parents    Pugmarks has been organizing Summer Camps for young people since 1999. Over the years we have grown by focusing on the feedback received from the campers and their parents and making necessary changes in our programs.    Initially we collected the feedback by means of printed paper forms. At the end of each season, our Pune and Mumbai offices used to have stacks of the filled up forms. As soon as the season ended we would pore over them and make notes for the next season.   Since 2020 we […]

Covid Safety and Protocol for Camping

Since March of 2020, Coronavirus has devastated the world. In just a matter of weeks, entire countries completely locked themselves down and closed their borders to visitors. For the first time since World War II, travel — an industry that relies on human movement and employs 10% of the global workforce — completely stopped. As […]

Poem from the Mountains

Manali A journey once again goes well, Listen carefully, what I’m going to tell, Everyone filled with high exuberance spell, The journey has ended with sweet memories as a caramel. We boarded our bus at late night, When the whole city was sleeping tight, We were ready with our bags freight, Hullabaloo was of ours […]

God Of Small Things – Tadoba

‘Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise’ I had read this somewhere, but could only fathom it when I got the opportunity to spend a whole night in the forests of  Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Sitting on the machan, squeezed between my companions, I readied myself for the unexpected! Our […]

Leh-Ladakh Road Trip

थकवणारा नाही तर थक्क करणारा प्रवास! Unknown Explorers- (अनोळखी अन्वेषक) The Leh डायरी Unknown Explorers या व्यतिरिक्त दुसरे कुठलेही नाव या समूहाला असूच शकत नाही, प्रवासाला सुरुवात केली त्या आधी खूप मोजकी लोकं एकमेकांना ओळखत होती आणि प्रवास तास बऱ्यापैकी मोठा आणि आव्हानात्मक होता. अनोळखी प्रदेश आणि अनोळखी लोकं तीही वेगवेगळ्या पार्श्वभूमीतुन आलेली एकत्र येतात काय आणि लेह-लदाख ला जायची योजना आखातात काय हि कल्पना ऐकायलाच किती मनोरंजक वाटते ना, हि कल्पना सत्यात उतरवायला आम्ही मनाची तयारी करत होतो. बघता बघता तो दिवस आला ज्या दिवशी प्रवासाला सुरुवात करायची होती. काही मंडळी मुंबईतून तर काही मंडळी पुण्याहून चंदीगडला पोचली. ठरल्याप्रमाणे दिल्ल्ली मार्गे चंदीगड विमातळावर सर्व एकमेकांना भेटले. अनोळखी आणि उत्सुक लोकं एकमेकांना भेटत होती आणि एकमेकांना समजून घेण्याचा प्रयत्न करत होती. पुढचे ९ दिवस ज्या लोकांबरोबर हा स्वप्नवत प्रवास करायचा होता त्यांचाबरोबर चांगला सूर जुळणं खूप गरजेचं होतं कारण समुद्र सपाटी च्या आसपास राहणारी आम्ही सर्व मंडळी साधारण १७ ते १८ हजार फुटांच्या उंचीवर जाणार होतो आणि येणाऱ्या काही दिवसात मानसिक, वैचारिक आणि अश्या विविध पातळ्यांवर एकमेकांना एकमेकांची गरज लागणार होती याची प्रत्येकालाच कल्पना होती.


Ever wondered why diving the Sri Lanka is on so many scuba diving bucket lists? Sri lanka is blessed with stunning coral reefs, sandy beaches, and an ocean full of bewildering marine life. Diving deep in the oceans in a scuba suit is alluring if you find a variety of corals, fishes, and caves. Scuba […]


As rightly said when snow falls, nature listens. Explore majestic mountain peaks in an adventurous snow trek. No matter how long you have been in trekking or haven’t trekked at all, you will always have an urge to explore the snow-clad mountains. Blessed with natural beauty, India has innumerable snow treks to explore all through […]


A place where royalty of the old comes alive, where the parched landscape has a lot to propound. Starting the safari with hope in hearts and a sharp sight to spot tigers, citing an experience as shared by a camper of the Pugmarks Ranthambhore Wildlife Camp, he said that ‘as we entered the dense belt […]


Jim Corbett National Park is a forested wildlife sanctuary in northern India’s Uttarakhand State. It is quite evidently the oldest national park in India and was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. Now apart from these facts, what makes this National Park so noteworthy? Corbett National Park is well acclaimed […]