Poem from the Mountains

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A journey once again goes well,

Listen carefully, what I’m going to tell,

Everyone filled with high exuberance spell,

The journey has ended with sweet memories as a caramel.

We boarded our bus at late night,

When the whole city was sleeping tight,

We were ready with our bags freight,

Hullabaloo was of ours only, in that quite.

The bus trip was snooty,

Forget all, our destination was fruity,

The recent tour was to Manali city,

A place surrounded by Nature’s beauty.

On seeing our camp side we were contented,

There we were very well attended,

Thank GOD!! We were away from the Kolhapur/Pune/Mumbai’s congested,

The life is simple there but is splendid.

Our travelling list includes from naggar Manali to patalsu Valley,

Everyone did behave with as one another pally,

Wherever we go, it looks like we are a rally,

From that heaven, nobody wanted to come back to Pune/Kolhapur/Mumbai

There we did bunch of activities,

Mountain climbing was not a “play of ease”,

With the addition of cold breeze,

How can I forget that rafting?

Contemplate about it; it still gives me a sting,

There we learn that a God is the king,

The rest are attached to God’s string.

The expedition was merrymaking,

The real pie of the trip was trekking,

The bus rides were the best,

To the top of the mountain from our nest,

The world seemed too small from the mountain’s crest.

There everyone wanted to remain stay,

But responsibilities can’t be kept away,

We did collect memories from there and drove to our home way.


Sayam oswal is a business management student, avid photographer and outdoor enthusiast. He belives in the importance of genuine curiosity in the creative process

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