Why should you plan an outdoor trip with your child in 2021!

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In 2020 we spent a majority of our time indoors. Staying indoors for such a long tenure and especially in a budding age, not only has a detrimental effect on their physical health but also stunts the growth of their mental and analytical development. Listed below are a few points that tell us the benefits of an outdoor trip.

  1. Meeting challenges

A child’s psychological processes benefit immensely through meddling with nature. They develop their decision making skills by enhancing their senses and  imagination. These life skills cannot be taught theoretically. They also develop a sense of community and learn to work together in teams. They interact and socialize and move swiftly towards a holistic development. 

  1. The most precious jewel of all – HEALTH

The past year has made us realize that even in this world of materialism, health is our most precious jewel. Today’s contemporary generation is entrapped in technology. Sitting on a couch and spending a significant amount of time on online gaming is leading us to an abyss of health problems. Going out for adventure sports and camps not only serve as a recreational activity but aid the physical wellbeing of a child.

  1. Covid Safety Protocols

Our summer camps have been planned keeping in mind the covid safety protocols. We realize that in times like these every parent is skeptical about the basic hygiene and safety of their children. We at pugmarks ensure that every effort is made to follow the government guidelines and ensure a trip is not only filled with adventure, fun and insight but inviolable safety standards.

  1.  The need to appreciate NATURE

The current generation never understood why there is a need to appreciate nature. We never realized that the things we take for granted might just vanish one fine day, leaving us amidst an unresolvable crisis. When we leave our children to interact with nature they understand the significance of the same. The intricate balance of our world is no longer an enigma to them. They understand the significance of a single tree and this understanding is of utmost importance for our near future. It forms the foundations of a sustainable future and most importantly keeps the hope of a better future alive.

  1. No question asked refund policy 

The pandemic has been heavy on our pockets. We understand your reluctance as parents. Losing substantial amounts of money as cancellation fee can be very irritating and bothersome. That’s why we at Pugmarks have come up with a “no questions asked refund policy.” In the case of a dire scenario where you want to cancel your bookings, no questions shall be asked and the amount shall be refunded. We take pride in the fact that our association is built on the moments that we have cherished together and we would never want it to be a burden, financially or any which way.


2020 is done with. 2021 comes with new hope and opportunities. Plan an outdoor trip with your children. Explore with Pugmarks the marvels of nature. Appreciate the natural world and move towards a greener and healthier future.

Pugmarks was founded 21 years ago in Pune by 3 passionate conservationists including an IITian and a naturalist working for WWF. Our core mission is “To sensitise the youth to the joy of the outdoors and nature conservation while enhancing their personal development”. Each year thousands of youngsters camp with us in their vacations at amazing places like Manali, Andamans, Kanha, Dandeli and more. Pugmarks is led by a dynamic team which has over 20 years of experience in adventure travel and ecotourism. Pugmarks has won many awards over the years, most notably the National Award from ATOAI for excellence in "Community-based adventure"

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