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A place where royalty of the old comes alive, where the parched landscape has a lot to propound. Starting the safari with hope in hearts and a sharp sight to spot tigers, citing an experience as shared by a camper of the Pugmarks Ranthambhore Wildlife Camp, he said that ‘as we entered the dense belt of Ranthambore national park, we kept scrutinizing the woodlands in search of the majestic tiger and other varied flora and fauna of the forest which holds its peculiarity up on its sleeves where the Ranthambhore Forest nestled in the extremely dry and arid lands of Rajasthan but still exhibits the most dense wildlife in the country.

The fluttering of leaves and chirping of birds were the only sounds that ringed in the forest. The jeep kept reverberating on the muddy kaccha. As the clement trees clenched over us, we kept a sharp eye on them as a fraction of the second was quite enough to miss any sighting. Any wildlife sighting is wholly, solely and entirely dependent on the luck factor.

Our hearts were beating rapidly in anticipation. The forest started getting denser as we entered the zone. We were in the wide & amp; dry terrains of Ranthambore. We followed the dust paths which led us deeper into the forests hoping for a sighting. Now that we were in the heart of the forest our hearts were beating with extreme expectancy to spot the majestic tiger, and to our surprise, we came across the pugmark of a tiger. This sighting shot up and sky-rocketed our expectations of sighting a tiger around the safari. However, the ball was not in our court and we weren’t fortunate enough to spot the magnificent creature. But this was an experience to last for a lifetime.”

Join us at Pugmarks to witness the magnificent flora and fauna of India play in the historic jungles of Ranthambhore.

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