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Ever wondered why diving the Sri Lanka is on so many scuba diving bucket lists?

Sri lanka is blessed with stunning coral reefs, sandy beaches, and an ocean full of bewildering marine life. Diving deep in the oceans in a scuba suit is alluring if you find a variety of corals, fishes, and caves. Scuba Diving in this stunning island nation provides just the same and much more. Much prominent for its tea, spices, handicrafts, and blue sapphires, Sri Lanka has been bestowed with some of the best diving sites all over Asia. Refreshing sea breeze uncluttered across your face right before you dive into the breathtaking marine life of the coasts of this country truly counts as an inexplicable feeling all-together. For scouting and experiencing the deepest enigmas buried in the ocean wrecks found near the ocean beds here, it is the place where solace is found!

If you haven’t been to the Gem of the Indian Ocean yet, this best diving spot in Sri Lanka will surely change your mind.

Trincomalee is on the east coast of Sri Lanka and it’s Nilavelli beach is the launch pad for most dives in the area. A few kilometers off the coast is Pigeon Island Marine Life Sanctuary, surrounded by coral reefs full of colorful fish and other marine animals. Another diving spot in Trincomalee is the ship wreck Irakkandy, an 18th-century steamer close to the coast.

Local divers are on the onset of exploring and hunting more and more ship wrecks in this gorgeous island. Many of the wrecks are enveloped in marine life, soft corals, large clutter of schooling fish. It is also famous for its mouth-watering foods and amazing teas, which should be nibbled as part of any dive trip. Where you dive in Sri Lanka depends on when you plan to visit because the monsoon seasons vary from one end of the island to the other. October to May is the high season for diving the west and south-west coast, and May to October is the best time to dive the north-east coast. With serene diving, affectionate and helpful locals, delectable food and top side treasures, Sri Lanka truly offers it all.

Sri Lankan Oceans are in abundance with exquisite marine life and experiences a whale season where whale species like Common blue whales, Melon headed whales and the elusive Indian Blue Whales. Various dolphin species like Spotted Dolphins, Spinner dolphins and the Bottlenose Dolphins are spotted here.

Pugmarks has been associated with the oldest and the most experienced dive centers in Tricomalee, Sri Lanka. This dive centre has been quite instrumental when few of our instructors geared up to go deep under the oceans of this magnificent island to get their international certifications as Open water and Advanced Water divers.

The whole process was very profound and easy to comprehend. Right from the theory sessions to the actual diving in the ocean, it was like a smooth sailing boat. Exploring nature is a meditation in itself. The feeling of contentment that you experience revivifies your inner self again. It’s like a dream you do not want to wake up from; swimming with a beam of light and life at the surface, plants tickling your body with the smallest touch and the limitless vision of water all around you.

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