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Back in July, a group of young enthusiasts enrolled for the Volunteer Training Program to embark upon their journey of becoming the best version of themselves each passing session.
It is all about mapping out where you need to go as a team forging new bonds. There has always been a debate whether some children are “born leaders” or they “learn to be” leaders. But as a matter of fact, all children have the potential to develop leadership skills. Leadership development is a lifelong undertaking. As adults, we can impart the skills imperative and crucial for children to take on leadership roles now and in the future.

It empowers them to have control of their lives and the ability to make things happen. It engenders a sense of confidence, assisting them to solve problems creatively, work in a team, and work collaboratively with others.

Leadership thrives on responsibility. Pugmarks’ Volunteer Training Program is all about being an accountable leader and not a follower! While you may not find the word leadership in the early learning standards, there are statements related to leadership standards in the social-emotional section. Key phrases relating are “self-confidence”, “problem-solving”, “pro-social,” and “makes independent decisions and choices.” Personally, having gone through the Volunteer Training Program as a Volunteer, it’s almost mind-blowing how it can rush a thousand emotions in your head. The demo simulation of the camping world out there.

There’s something extra satisfying about having people around you, going together through a variety of charades every weekend.  Emotions, Memories and People. So when the time came for us to start the drill back in July, all of us were prepared to learn and have the time of our lives. Though forging new bonds was an inevitable part of this journey, but at the initial stage, it was quite unnerving to think of oneself in a whole new environment without the comforts of having someone to fall back on. And now towards the end of it, we have come a long way, but looking back, you can see memories of laughter scattered along our path.

Not to forget all the other senior volunteers, who have been there for us throughout this journey, criticizing as well as encouraging us to put our best foot forward at all times.

This also made us realize that you don’t have to grow with the times. Do it part-time and come back to getting happy at little things. It gave me a sense of confidence and a grave feeling of accomplishment. It isn’t about being egomanic, or about being the best. It is about learning to love what you can do without worrying too much about what everyone else is upto. And for me, this has been my life raft.

The Volunteer Training Program instigates and motivates you to become a better version of yourself, each passing day! So what are you waiting for? Be a Pugmarker! Be a Volunteer! Be a part of the big fat happy Pugmarks family!

I am a law student and have always been an avid reader! Writing gets me going, every single day and to make sense of the thoughts in my head, to bring out parts of myself into something tangible is in itself extremely satisfying!

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