Experiencing the frenetic mood of a river as it gushes headlong into the rocks and down a slope is indeed an unforgettable moment. The white foam produced from water as it plunges across stones and boulders giving the sport its name. Rafting. With the labyrinthine grid of Mountain Rivers flowing through a throng of different colors of rocky gorges, forests, flowers and high mountain village the sport of White Water River Kayaking calls for conquest over the whirlwind ferment river as it waves past majestic mountains.

The thrill of white water rafting and the adrenaline rush with the buzz of transacting speedy river currents or just gently floating past terraced hillsides and forests is one experience you wouldn’t like to miss. Experience the combined thrill of white sand beaches and pristine white Himalayan crests on the horizon! Kayaking, River crossing, Mountain Biking and few serene Night trails where the Ramganga river adds a different spectrum to the whole experience. I distinctly remember my very first Trekking and Rafting experience altogether, there were times in between when I did not want to continue and was ready to give up. But then there was no option other than moving ahead. As it was virtually impossible to trek down the hill halfway with a dozen of other people following you.